Erik Frisch[1]

Mann 1858 - 1912

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  • Født  1858  [1
    Kjønn  Mann 
    Død  1912  USA Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  [1
    Person ID  I16860  Slekt
    Sist endret  3 Jan 2000 

    Far  Antonius Povelsen Frisch,   f. 14 Des 1826, Kongsberg Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet,   d. 11 Mai 1916, Christiania Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet 
    Mor  Othilie Olsen 
    Famile ID  F3004  Gruppeskjema

    Familie  Alvilde Backe 
     1. Sigrid May Frisch
     2. Stella Guri Frisch
     3. Finnly W. Frisch,   f. 19 Aug 1888,   d. Des 1975
    Famile ID  F3010  Gruppeskjema

  • Notater 
    • Co - owners in Frisch Bros. Jewelers were Erik & Jacob Frisch at the SE corner of First Avenue & Columbia Street in the Gottstein Block in Seattle. They were burned out in the great fire of 1889. The block was rebuilt and Frisch Bros. moved back in. Their sign spanned the main entrance at 720 First Ave. Due to deterioration of the neighborhood they later moved. Beginning in 1930 the Gottstein Building became home to the Seattle Seamen's Mission initially serving mainly Scandinavian seamen. The building was razed in 1957 to make room for a parking lot. Source " Seattle Chronicle", Video from Tartu Publications, PO Box 85208, Seattle, WA98145.
      The story is told that one night on the way home Erik stopped at a " Gaming House". He was carrying $10,000 worth of unset diamonds. He was given a knockout drop ( a Mickey Finn ) in his drink. When he woke up the diamonds were gone. His wife Alvilde was so angry she divorced him. Source Jacob (Jack) Frisch.
      Carol has produced a photo of he and Alvilde arriving in Tacoma August 17,1883. There is another photo of Sigrid, Stella, Finnly and Alvilde taken in Christiana August 8, 1907
      Eric had a jewelry store in Oslo prior to 1883, Alice and Paul found it on a trip to Norway in the 70's or 80's and Ragnar's daughter Ragna was running the store and Ragnar's wife was in the back. [1]

  • Kilder 
    1. [S313] Frisch, John.